Various Publications

I’ve written for other publications as well. There are 10 of them below. If you want to read my articles, the titles are links that lead you to them.

Costumer (the official magazine of the National Costumers Association):

May 2013 – Multi-cultural, Multi-color Steampunk Costuming
September 2013 – Middle-Earth Costuming
December 2013 – 50 Years of Doctor Who Costuming
May 2014 – Costuming for the Star Wars Universe

Drink Tank (Hugo Award Winner):

150 – My Love/Hate Relationship with Corsets
300 – No. 142 – Los Angeles: The Land of Make Believe

Finery (Greater Bay Area Costumers Guild newsletter):

Vol. 11, No. 1 – When as Muslin Dress Just Isn’t Enough

From Alien Shores:

4 – Lost Girl

Geek Girl Crafts:

Issue 1 – Planning a Geek Themed Wedding
Issue 4 – Crafting Memories with Scrapbooking

Journey Planet:

Issue 7 – Beginnings

My Evil Plan (Costume-Con 2008 newsletter):

3 – Friday Night Fun at Costume-Con 26
5 – Saturday Day and Night at Costume-Con
7 – Panels, Performances and Parties: Sunday Night at Costume-Con

Steampunk Events for December 2013

Virtual Costumer (online costuming magazine of the Silicon Web Costumers’ Guild):

Vol. 9, Issue 3 – Philippine Costuming Through History and Dance


Vol. 1, Issue 2 – Kindred Spirits
Vol. 2, Issue 2 – All the World’s a Stage

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