PEERS (Period Events and Entertainments Re-creation Society)

The Period Events & Entertainments Re-creation Society (PEERS) is dedicated to remembering, researching and re-creating the performing arts of the past. The main activities of PEERS have traditionally centered around historical and literary re-creation balls. These events have various themes and involve historic dance, drama, music, literature and costumes. PEERS subscribes to the idea of entertainment as something for people to do rather than just watch.

I started going to PEERS in 2004 and am currently one of the organizers and also do PR. I’m also a performer at some of the balls as part of the Peerless Beauties during Music Halls and the Peerless Flying Circus during skits. I also do improv roleplaying as part of an ensemble of actors doing characters to entertain and engage with attendees.

I’m also one of the official photographers for PEERS, and my photos can be found in the Photographs section of the PEERS website.

Here is a photo of me and Christopher at the PEERS Steampunktoberfest Ball in October 2013:
img_4849 edited

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