I do a lot of costuming and cosplay* for events, conventions, competitions, movies, live musicals, skits and improv roleplaying. I have a wide range of costumes from different time periods and genres. I usually costume at least once week (except for Halloween when I usually take a break)!

My Costumes web page has a link to most of my costumes by category plus some more recent photos as well as a few costume re-creation photos.

My Masquerade Competitions web page has a link to a playlist of YouTube videos to all the masquerades I’ve been in plus one direct YouTube link to my most memorable one, our Princess Leia chorus line group that won a Best in Show award. There’s also a list of all the masquerades I’ve been in, where we performed and any awards we received.

I was an extra in a Regency indie movie, a Star Trek demo film and a Steampunk movie that won awards at a film festival. I was also in a Time Travel multimedia skit that included filmed parts that were shown live. You can see photos from all four plus clips from the last three in my Movies web page.

On my Performances web page, you’ll find a YouTube playlist with several of my performances with the Period Events and Entertainments Re-creation Society (PEERS) as well as a direct YouTube link to my favorite performance with me as one of the six Merry Murderesses doing the Cell Block Tango from Chicago.

*Short for “costume play.” It is a performance art in which participants wear costumes to represent a specific character or it could also be any costumed roleplay in venues apart from the stage.

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