Masquerade Competitions

I perform at masquerade competitions, which are costume contests at scifi/fantasy and comic book conventions, with a group of costumers, singers, dancers and actors under the direction of Cordelia Willis and once at Renovation 2011 with a group headed by Mette Hedin and Bryan Little:

Here are videos of masquerades I’ve been in (click on the green link below for a YouTube playlist):

Masquerade Competition Videos

The most memorable masquerade competition I was in was:

The L-11 routine we did at BayCon 2007 where we won Best in Show for Performance and Workmanship. There were 11 of us who were in all the guises of Princess Leia from the original “Star Wars” trilogy singing and dancing to the song “One” from “A Chorus Line”:

Here’s a list of the masquerades I’ve been in where we won awards:

WorldCon (Renovation) 2011: Intergalactic Dating Game (“Doctor Who” picks a date from three alien contestants) – Best in Show-Workmanship; Best in Master Class-Presentation = one of Cassandra’s Lovely Boys

Wondercon 2010: Mystery Men (to the tune of “Grease 2’s” “Score Tonight”) – Judge’s Choice Award (second place) = The Sphinx

BayCon 2009: High S’Ghoul Musical (“Thriller” meets “High School Musical”) –Sideshow Collectibles “Imagination” special award = Zombie Prom Girl

BayCon 2008: Hogwarts School Musical (Dumbledore’s Army from the “Harry Potter” movies to the tune of “We’re All in This Together” from “High School Musical”) – Best Presentation = Cho Chang

BayCon 2007: L-11 (11 guises of Princess Leia from “Star Wars” to the tune of “One” from “A Chorus Line” – Best in Show Presentation and Workmanship = Medal Ceremony Leia

BayCon 2006: Spamish Inquisition (“Spamalot”) – Best in Show-Recreation; Best in Master Class- Workmanship = Sir Robin’s Minstrel

Wondercon 2006: Big Damn Heroes (“Firefly” theme to the tune of “Proud Mary”) – Best Presentation = Inara Serra

Here’s a list of other masquerades I’ve been in:

WonderCon 2011: Main Grid Electric Parade (“Tron” meets Disney characters to the tune of the “Main Street Electrical Parade”) ­– no award but great audience reaction = Mulan

Silicon 2007: L-11 (11 guises of Princess Leia from “Star Wars” to the tune of “One” from “A Chorus Line” – non-competing entry = Medal Ceremony Leia

Comic-Con 2005: Big Damn Heroes (“Firefly” theme to the tune of “Proud Mary”) – no award but lots of applause = Inara Serra

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