Germany 2013

I went to Germany with my parents when I was a kid and wasn’t too impressed except for the medieval town of Rothenburg. But when Christopher was sent to Dornstadt for work training, and I found out that Ulm, the town he would be staying at, was where Einstein was born, and that Neuschwanstein Castle was nearby, I jumped at the chance to see this castle that’s been on my bucket list that I never thought I’d be able to go to.

Germany proved to be magical, wonderful and amazing this time around. Ulm was incredible with its cathedral and Einstein monuments. Munich was a fun Bavarian town with the original Hof Brau. And Neuschwanstein Castle and it’s neighboring Hohenschwangau Castle were even more beautiful and inspiring than I’d ever imagined.

I rented a car and drove around (the Autobahn is awesome!) by myself so that I could go on day trips to places farther away. I got to see the Johannes Kepler Museum in the house he lived in, the peaceful and lovely spa town of Baden-Baden (on the border of the Black Forest),  and the outside and lobby of the Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart. I also revisited Rothenburg and there was way more to it than I remembered.

My article regarding this trip is at: Science Fiction/San Francisco: Issue 145 – My Storybook Adventure in Southern Germany (starts on p. 28)

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