I’ve been involved in four movie shoots so far. The first was St. Agnes Eve, which was a Regency, Romeo & Juliet indie based on the poem by John Keats. I was a dancer in this one. The second was a Time Travel Demo at Costume-Con where writer, producer, director and actor Maimone Attia filmed some scenes for use for a live skit. I was the female love interest in this production. The third was a Star Trek indie filmed at the San Jose Tech Museum with cast and crew from Hollywood. I was originally an Original Series science officer but was asked to wear a costume worn by Wesley Crusher in the Next Generation. The fourth was a Steampunk movie called Pressure, which won awards at the Scary Cow Film Festival. I was one of the workers in the steam plant.

St. Agnes Eve (2005)

Casting Call for Extras for St. Agnes Eve


 Time Travel Demo at Costume-Con (2008)


Video by Maimone Attia

 Star Trek Demo (2010)


Video by Romeo Durscher

Pressure (2012)


Video by Michelle Prevost and Ilena Ferrer

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